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Follow the following steps to write articles on

You must condense your article to:
1. Headline
2. Topic sentence
3. Fact 1 sentence
4. Fact 2 sentence
5. Fact 3 sentence
6. Fact 4 sentence
7.Concluding sentence
8. Source: (The URL - the website that you got the news articles from. Like this: Source: )

An Example of a Student's Article for Good to Know

Cuttlefish Watching 3D Movies

Scientists have cuttlefish watching with 3D glasses, proving that they can perceive depth. As the cuttlefish wore 3D glasses, they placed a screen of a 3D movie of a shrimp going across the screen in which the fish tried to catch it with its tentacles. This shows us that these fish are similar to humans in the way they also have "binocular vision" which is a term used to describe using both eyes to determine depth. Yoked eyes, commonly found in animals who also have "binocular vision", is when the eyes move together. Interestingly enough, cuttlefish do not have this feature and instead their eyes move separately. For now, scientists need more information on how cuttlefish use cues and spacial information to capture their prey.

Notes on the structure of the article pages
1. Each article must be submitted in reverse chronological order which means newer articles appear higher on the page than older ones, which appear lower on the page. So, the first article written is the last on the page and the newest is the first.
2. After submitting each article you should enter 5 times, insert 5 hyphens (-----) and enter 5 more times just to give the articles some space; bunched up articles look too untidy.
3. Use the tag <br> in front of the headline, the first sentence, and the sources of the article. This will leave a space between elements on a page.
4. Use the tag ''', 3 apostrophes, on the left and the right of text you want to make bold
5. *** means that the editor edited a sentence in your article. You should take notes of these edits in a GTK notebook so that you can learn from your mistakes and work on the areas that the editor pointed out to you.

Use these sources for your articles since they will help you on the difficult texts you will encounter soon: